Chatting in Inuktitut

April 9, 2008 at 9:36 pm | Posted in Canada, Language | Leave a comment
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Have you ever wonder how to confess your passion for pizza even if you are in Greenland? Now you can speak openly about it even eating fresh fish inside an igloo thanks to this short glossary offered by the Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada:

Hi or hello.

How are you?

My name is ________.

What’s happening?

I am from ________ .

What’s your name?

I belong to the _______ Nation.

I can speak my language

Are you learning to speak your language?

I’m going to the store.

I’ll be back soon.

I like pizza.


No way!


I bet you to go there an say “no waaaay” if they ask you if you are missing your warm hometown next summer 😉

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