About me

I like traveling. It’s not my job, of course; neither is writing or taking pictures. I earn my living from less creative and more practical stuff, such as counting technical words or talking with specialists of sports like rock climbing or field hockey. Besides, I try to learn more about language, society or whatever useful to be a better sociolinguist.

But when all those things start to be much for me – and that’s often…- my brain starts to daydream about potential new destinations. Then a quick search on the Internet makes me realize that the low-cost flights are indecently cheap, and in ten minutes the mischief is managed. The preparations for the trip use to be intense, I tend to do extra research about them. I enjoy the preparations and get excited about them before leaving, and the pictures and notes I take on the road make me to revive me when I’m at home again. And this is how I get by…

In this blog, I focus on my last crazy great idea: to take a trip around the world visiting the Inuit or Nordic indigenous people from the Nordic hemisphere. There’s no hurry nor pause, and I’ll savor both the preparation and the trip. And even more if I share it. I hope you enjoy it too.


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  1. I like what I’m seeing here. Found this blog following up on a hunch about similarities between Ainu and Inuit peoples, especialy Eskimo and Aluet. I blog @ http://70point8percent.blogspot.com/ mostly about boats and sailing etc. I have a background interest in anthropology which is lifelong. I am currently exploring the kayak.I have also had interest in the Sami people. I’m beginning to suspect that all circumpolar peoples may be related. do you know of any dna studies ?

  2. Hi Thomas!

    Since I’m not really a specialist I can’t recommend you specialized DNA studies, but as an introduction I highly recommend the book Genes, Peoples, and Languages, by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza.

    You will find there a very good introductive but detailed study of Genethics that can give you a very good background for further readings.

  3. I found two links to your site while searching on Palaeo-Siberian languages. Having only just arrived, I have not had a chance to explore yet. You may well already know about the fascinating developments on the linguistic connections between Ket and Na-Dene but if not here is the link.


    The very best of success with your project – I have been looking for something like it on the internet for over a decade!

  4. Dear sir, madam ? I have stumbled across your site, being a hugh fan of Northern Ethnography, Antropology, photography and travelling. However, in your section About Me, I have -unfortunately- been unable to establish who you are… There is no name. I -however- really like to know whose blog I am reading. So please reveal to me who you are…

    Sincerely yours,
    Karen (former scolar at the Arctic Centre of Groningen University)

    • Dear Karen,

      First of all, apologies for the late reply. The blog has been in a pause due to personal ciscumstances. But here am I again! I am a sociolinguistic researcher in Barcelona, and I usually do not publish personal data on the Internet. But, if you send me a e-mail to atkakevlarsjal@gmail.com or a comment with your e-mail (it will not appear on the site), I will be glad to talk a bit more and exchange ideas and stories, I see we may have a lot to talk about. Greetings,


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